Poziv za apliciranje na Internship Programme of German Business 2025

Napisao/la FIT Mostar - Objavljeno 24.06.2024. 10:43

Faculty of information technologie and our Internship Programme of German Business have been cooperating very successfully for various years. Many of your students conducted a paid three to six-months internship in the frame of our Programme in one of the leading companies in Germany. Today, the majority of them work in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The academic education you provided, and the practical work experience gained throughout our Programme has supported the career of more than 1.000 professionals in your country and the entire region of the Western Balkans.  

Our alumni have developed into game changers in the region, unlocking its business potential and contributing to regional reconciliation. Within the regional alumni network of our Internship Programme of German Business, our alumni are true bridge builders dedicated to lifelong learning, peacebuilding, and better intercultural understanding.  

We would like to inform you that our call for application for the new generation of scholarship holders of the Internship Programme of German Business will be open on 1st October and will last until 14th November.

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