FIT CC 2022 – Zlatni sponsor – Ministry of Programming

Napisao/la FIT Mostar - Objavljeno 25.05.2022. 20:53

It’s our pleasure to welcome back Ministry of Programming to FIT CC.

Ministry of Programming is a supercharged venture-builder/startup studio working with startups from all over the world.

Unlike the average software consultancy or agency, MOP provides an end-to-end support structure with pre-seed capital, team augmentation, as well as advanced product design and development services to early-stage startups and new products.

With more than 80 products in their portfolio including social networks, search engines, crypto trading systems, mobile apps, and hardware devices, they know how to make a successful product. The main areas of interest are start-ups in flourishing verticals like FinTech, IoT, e-commerce, HealthTech, MusicTech, BioTech, and other prospective fields.

Some of our former students have already experienced their amazing Internship program with a lucky few working full time after last year's FIT CC so be sure they’re always on the lookout for talented young minds.

To find out more about the technologies they’re working with and what they offer, check out their website:

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