Introduction to AI and machine learning course

Objavljeno 26.03.2018. 17:50

As a follow up to the introduction to Python course held last semester, this course will rely on knowledge acquired on Python course to get you started with AI and machine learning using Python as the main programming language for this course.

Kindly note that this is a very introductory level course and a lot of theory is going to be involved. 

Objective of this course is to give you the basic tools and knowledge so you could do basic tasks with AI and machine learning. Furthermore, advance your own research in the future for industrial or personal research applications.

Discussed topics:

  • Basic concepts of AI and machine learning.
  • Mathematics of some selected machine learning techniques.
  • Artificial neural networks.
  • TensorFlow.


Notes and regulations (read very carefully!):

  • Priority goes to students who attended Introduction to Python course (with 2 attendance days missing or less) and they have to apply to the course like everybody else before the application deadline.
  • Students who didn’t attend Introduction to Python course at all and would like to apply, they have to have good knowledge of Python (no Python programming language features discussed during the AI and machine learning course!, if you don’t have good command of Python, please don’t apply and leave the seat for somebody else who knows and needs to attend).
  • Course prerequisite : Student should (have) pass(ed) PR2 in order to apply. If you haven’t passed PR2, do not apply!
  • Good understanding of English language is recommended, since all resources given in this course are going to be in English (books, articles, websites, etc…)
  • Kindly asking that you apply if you are 100% sure you are attending the course. Do not apply and take somebody else’s place to reserve it just in case, you are wasting the opportunity for other people who really want to attend.
  • Course seat limit: 29.
  • Application form: Please send an email to with the following information: 
    • Email Subject: Applying for Introduction to AI and machine learning course
    • Email body: 

                                                               i.      Index number.

                                                             ii.      First Name Last name.

  • Only emails are accepted for applying!
  • Not following the application form or rules will make it an invalid application and shall be ignored automatically without notice!
  • Applications are accepted until 29.03.2018 @11:59PM.